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Flexible Case Design


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    The Flexible Case Design Is For One Or Two Teeth, Or A Complex Or Specific Modification That Requires Detailed Instructions. If You Require Work On More Than 4 Teeth, Please Consider Submitting The Case For A Full Smile Design.
    Acceptable photo types:

    Full face smile

    Full face retracted

    Frontal retracted

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    Treatments To Simulate

    Dental Notation*

    Indirect Restoration: Select Teeth FDI

    Indirect Restoration: Select Teeth Universal

    Gingival Recontouring: Select Teeth FDI

    Gingival Recontouring: Select Teeth Universal

    Tooth Replacement: Select Teeth FDI

    Tooth Replacement: Select Teeth Universal

    Direct Restoration: Select Teeth FDI

    Direct Restoration: Select Teeth Universal

    Whitening: Select Teeth FDI

    Whitening: Select Teeth Universal