1How do I submit a case?
Please review our learning centre for a video instruction on case submission.
2How much does case submission cost?
Case cost is dependent on the type a number of services provided. A full digital smile design is $34.99, and a flexible case design begins at $10.
3What sort of photographs should I submit?
Most cases will require a full face frontal retracted, and full face smile photograph. Please review our learning centre for a video instruction of taking appropriate clinical photographs.
4When is payment required?
Payment is required when the case is submitted, and is payable either securely through VISA, MasterCard, Amex, or Paypal.
5How will the results be delivered to me?
DSL case images are presented on their own publicly hidden URL. This allows you to navigate to the case results from any device. You will be notified via email when your results are ready.
6Can I submit a case using my smart phone or tablet?
DSL uses a responsive, mobile accessible design. All case submissions, reviews, and presentations are accessible from phone, tablet, laptop, or desktop technologies.

Our Services

1How do I know whether treatment simulations are possible?
Digital Smile Lab cannot perform a full occlusal and functional analysis from frontal images. It is up to you as the prescribing clinician to request treatment simulations that are possible. This specifically refers to increasing the incisal edges of anterior teeth. We cannot guarantee that treatment simulations are physically possible, however we do make all treatment simulations as realistic as possible.
2Is a digital simulation a replacement for a physical wax-up?
Absolutely not. Digital simulations help with spacial analysis, treatment planning, and patient communication. Your digital simulation will be very useful to your technician, by helping them to create a wax-up that meets the aesthetic requirements determined by the digital design. In most cases, physical models, wax-ups, and try-ins will be required in order to assess occlusal and functional requirements on a case by case basis.
3What if I’m not happy with the digital mockup?
Digital Smile Lab uses the most advanced tools and techniques to provide analysis and create the most realistic digital simulations possible. However, if you are unhappy with the result, or would like to request an aesthetic tweak or change then simply submit a case revision request on the case results page.
4Who owns the rights to the images?
You do. However, Digital Smile Lab retains the right to use unidentifiable photographs for our own internal review, process analysis, and marketing purposes.

Presenting Results

1What is the best way to present image results?
Digital Smile Lab images can be very effective communication tools during a treatment planning presentation. Typically, the spacial analysis images will be presented to the patient in series, and used as a foundation to explain and discuss necessary clinical details related to asymmetry, tooth size or shape discrepancy, and proportion analysis. These can be presented in a digital, or printed form, and annotated as required.