About Us

Our Motivation

Digital Smile Lab is a clinician driven service. We understand the demands and limitations of dentistry, but also the potential to achieve great things when communication is optimized. We found the existing cosmetic simulation software and services to be either too limited in scope, unrealistic, difficult, time-consuming or expensive for us to be able to use them on a daily basis. We were sick of fake looking smiles transferred to our patients by Photoshop-style tools.
We know that in reality, not every patient needs full mouth rehabilitation, and often patients are looking to make smaller changes to achieve an improvement. How about replacing a crown? Doing some aesthetic crown lengthening? Replacing some aged composites? What about accurately simulating bleaching when porcelain and composite restorations are present? These were the needs we were seeing daily, and yet there were no tools to quickly, accurately and affordably demonstrate these outcomes to our patients.


This was how Digital Smile Lab was born and this strong focus on clinical realism is how we have grown to provide this service to successful dentists worldwide. We have now spent years honing the skills of our artists, building our digital library and applying the outcomes to our own treatment planning. Our patients love it, our technicians love it, we love it and so will any dentist using this tool, as they experience predictable success.
No one likes to hear a patient say no to a treatment they believe in. You will be surprised at how little time and money it can take to turn this around. We hope you enjoy the experience of far more patients saying YES to your treatment when you begin with the end in sight using the Digital Smile Lab advantage.

Our People

Dr Sam Rosehill graduated from Dentistry with first class honours and was awarded the IADR Australasian undergraduate research award for his thesis study. Dr Rosehill  currently works in private practice in New South Wales and has also worked on a range of non-clinical projects including a Web TV aggregation service, a Smart Board education app and a nationally released graduate handbook. Dr Rosehill is a fellow of the Pierre Fauchard Academy, and is passionate about progress in dentistry and is recognized as a leader in his field, presenting at conferences in China, Europe and Australia. Dr Rosehill is the DSL team leader and personally checks all cases to ensure standards are optimized.

Dr Kate Amos is a graduate of the University of Queensland where she was the recipient of the Pierre Fauchard Award for academic excellence in her graduating cohort. Dr Amos works in private practice and has a post-graduate degree in Health Professional Education from Monash University. Dr Amos is a member of the ADA Dental Council in NSW and is driven by education and communication to improve patient outcomes. Dr Amos works with the DSL team to ensure that DSL users are well supported by the resources our service provides.

Mr Matthew Taylor graduated from Mt San Antonio College in California in 1999, majoring in Fine Art, 2d and 3d animation and Computer Science. His industry experience in commercial animation and art direction gives him a unique foundation in his approach to contemporary graphic design and web development. His wide skill set was further bolstered by commercial experience as a product specialist for Adobe, before becoming a certified Adobe expert in Photoshop in 2004. Mr Taylor has worked successfully as a freelance graphic designer and web developer, and now specializes in digital manipulation and simulation of cosmetic dentistry procedures.