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Each patient is unique and our team will make sure that the treatments simulations will be suitable to your patients according to their background.

Dr. Brian Stoute, DDS

I have used Digital Smile Lab to provide a realistic simulation of how my patient’s smiles can be improved using cosmetic dentistry. The simulations have been close to actual results. It is a quick and inexpensive way to increase case acceptance.

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A smile will transcend cultural, ethnic and national boundaries. Dentists across the globe have brought joy to their patients by using Digital Smile Lab.

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Common Treatments and Simulations

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Lengthen Laterals and Address White Spot Lesion

Spatial analysis of this case identified a proportional length to width discrepancy across the whole anterior segment, which was highlighted further by the short lateral incisors. Due to the patient’s age and preference to avoid crown lengthening surgery, the treating clinician elected to
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Simulate Veneers to Address Shade and Mottling

This case showed good symmetry and proportion, and the patient was happy to retain the negative smile line. This treatment was used by the clinician to calibrate the patient’s expectations, and demonstrate the potential compromise of only restoring back to the canines.
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Incisor Restoration With Crown Lengthening

The patient identified tooth size, and consistency of colour as the major concerns. These images show the amount of crown lengthening required with a tooth outline form, and the final render.
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Single Central With Crown Lengthening

These renders were requested for the purpose of demonstrating the necessity of crown lengthening to improve gingival symmetry and aesthetics.
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Simulation of Direct Restorations to Restore White Spot Lesions

Poor oral hygiene during orthodontic treatment left this patient with mottling of the teeth. This treatment simulation was used by the clinician to demonstrate the possible use of composite resin to address this concern.
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Veneering of Translucent Incisors

The patient identified the grey discolouration of the maxillary centrals as the primary aesthetic concern. A simulation of 2 veneers to address this issue was requested to demonstrate the suitable indirect restorative solution.
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Failing Veneer Replacement

This patient presented with protrusive and unaesthetic maxillary incisors, mottling, caries and nicotine staining. The simulation of indirect porcelain restorations was requested. This was used also to indicate the potential aesthetic compromise by only restoring back to the maxillary canines.
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